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This travel guide to Turkey is intended to show foreign travelers and residents what Turkey is really like.It is not made by enthusiastic Turkish students who open homepages to advertise their uncle's hotel, nor by Turkish companies who are in the tourist business to make a quick buck.This tourist guide is limited with Aegean Region because of limited time and personel.It does not mean that just the Aegean Region of Turkey is wonderfull the rest is awfull.I want to mention that the rest is beautyfull as much as the Aegean Region. Thus I plan to add other regions to the site in the future. I'll thus be happy to include all points of view, whether positive, or negative, or mixed, as long as they are unbiased. If you want to make any contributions (especially, but non-exclusively, from non-Turks), please email them to me, together with a note whether you prefer to be quoted by name or anonymously. I will not honour requests for inclusion of URLs with a (nearly exclusive) financial flavour: if some readers want to blow their money on expensive Turkish hotel/tour/car-rental/... services, I am sure they will have no difficulty spotting the relevant URLs on the web.Anyway these links would be usefull for you to find a good choice.