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Miletos was one of the most important Ion city. There were four seaparks and as Priene it is also aparted from the sea because of Meander delta. Miletos was an important Myken colony in the middle of 2000's (B.C.). By the excavations of German archaeologists, the city walls some of the city houses and some pots and pats are found. The settlers of this city were Karian and Gretian people. Miletos' best term was between 7th and 6th centuries (B.C.) and was enriched by the colonies near Mediterranean and Black Sea, then became a metropol of Ionia.

Miletos was the source of west culture and positive science. Thales, Anaximandros and Anaximenes, who are nature philosophs, famous historian Hekataios and architect Hippodamus and Ayasofya's architect Isidoros are from Miletos. In 5th century (B.C.) Athens assumed Miletos alphabet and Helenistic main literature was obtained. Ionian revolution first began here. Miletos was one of the commercial and art center of Helen ages.

The excavations began in 1899 and today it is organised by Germany Archaeology Institute principle Prof. Muller Wiener.