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It is a small island close to the shores of Kusadasi.It is connected to the shore with artificial brake water.There is a Byzantium castle built on sharp rocks.During the Ottoman reign, it was used as a sea patrol to prevent possible attacks from the islands and the Mora Rebellion.The castle is also known as "Pirate Castle" as it was used against pirates. The tower is at the highest place of the island, was used as the living and watching place of guards. There is also a cistern. The castle restored and the surroundings are arranged. Today there is a tea shop, a cafeteria, a restaurant, and a discotheque for touristic purposes. The castle is lighted , too.


It is the second peninsula next to Güvercinada. Ancient Neopolis is thouhgt to be the first settlement place inz Kusadasi. It is found by Ionians.Region is not searched systematically. Only few ruins can be seen today.


It is within the border of Davutlar village in Kusadasi province, on Davutlar- Guzelcamli Road, only a few meters inwards from the road. It was the capital of the 12 cities of lonian Federation. This is where the ceremonies and celebrations took place.


It is a small town about 3 km. to the north of Kusadasi. It is on the promontory next to Ktur Holiday Premises. It was built by Agamemnon. There is no remarkable ruins left.


It is in the bazaar. It was built by the Vizier Ox Mehmed Pasha in 1618. After him, it is called Ox Mehmed Pasha. It was restored in 1830. The last row for public is wooden. The single galleried minaret is at the right. The mosque door has geometric figures and is inlaid with mother of pearl. It is covered with a dome built on a 12 edged frame with 16 windows.


It is near the port of Kusadasi. It was built by the vizier Ox Mehmed Pasha and was restored in 1966. It is an Ottoman Castlebuilt for sea trade. The courtyard has 8.50 x 21.60 m. It is surrounded by a two storied-porched irdoor area. There are two stairs to upper floor, one to the north-west, the other to the southeast corners. The entrance of the caravanserai is in the north. The marble gate is 2.96 m. wide and has a low arch way.

The door looks simple. There are two arch ways one on the right and the other one the left leading to the middle section. As the left one has a small backdoor, it is thought that it was used as the left luggage place. The right one was probably the guardian's, who took care of incorning and outgoing. After digging, a fountain was found in the middle and was restored as a pool. There is a room behind each cross vault porch surrounding the courtyard. There are five places and cupboards of various sizes in each room. The caravanserai is covered with a flat roof with noticible marks on the north surface. To prevent possible attacks from the sea north-west and south-west sides were supported more. As the north side was taken into consideration together with the outer doors, it was thought as the most important place of defense. There is a gate opening to the bazaar if the town ïn the east of the caravanserai.


The forest on the Dilek Peninsula which is the extention of the Samsun Mountains to the Aegean Sea has been tunder the State protection as a national park since 1966. It is about 11.000 hectars , is located in the south and within the borders of Ku,sadasi. Besides its interesting geological geomorphological structure, the plants are rarely found-plants in the Mediterranean region. For this reason, it gained a scientific valve due to the words of the botanist.

As there were no roads to this distirct up to the recont years, the natural environment of the national park protected some wild animals. There are also last species of some wild animals. A typical example is the Anatolian Leopard. Along with many species of reptiles, mammals and birds, there are almost all kinds of fish and sea turtles living and reproducing on the shores. Mediterranean seal, which is under the state protection, is another example to wild animals of the district.

Beaches and picnic places in the National Park are very interesting for the visiters from April to October. It also enables nature-lovers to walk on the paths in the forest and climb on its mountain. There are simple cabins, W.C"s, country-side cafe's, picnic tables and fire places built for daily beach holiday trips in the bays of Içmeler, Aydinlik and Kavakli. Not to destroy natural structure, no night premises are built.


Kusadasi Yacht Marina in the west of Türkiye is on the latitude of 37o52'20"N and an longitude of 27o15'46"E. It is 90 Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. It has a 629 yacht (175 being on-shore) capacity. The call code is Kusadasi Marina. 11 th and l0 th channels are continiously being listened. It is minimum 2.5 m. and max. 7 m. deep. All authorities work in the Marina. (Customs,Marina Manager)


It is on a small road on the lO th km. from Kusadasi to Davutlar Road. It used by the Venetians and the Bizantians and was partially restored in 1976.